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Jennifer Wenn

Writer of Contemporary and Historical Romances

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About Jennifer Wenn

I am a devoted mother of four children (beloved little monsters) and married to my very own hero and best friend (deeply in love for more than twenty years). My family got one cat (whom I didn’t get to name Elvis) who rules our home without mercy and one small dog who bumps into me everytime I stop. I am ompletely addicted to coffee (who isn’t?) and am constantly trying to get a size or two smaller.
I live in Sweden, in a house that is constantly growing and therefore is never finished. Did I mention my husband is a builder…

I am totally addicted to TV-shows such as Lucifer, Hawaii Five-O and NCIS to mention a few. I am still in deep mourning as a few of my all time favourites has been cancelled.

I love to travel and explore my surroundings, no matter if it is my own backyard or on the other side of the big pond called the Atlantic Ocean. My favourite way of travelling is by car, but I also enjoy going by train. Flying is boring although an effective way to get somewhere else on our planet without having to travel for weeks. I love researching ahead and make travel plans, intenaries, checking out hotels, towns and what-to-see's.

My current writing project is the fifth novel in The Royal Family series, in which Lord Sebastian Darling will meet his match.

Thank you so much for this visit!
Jennifer Wenn

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Here you can find my books!

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